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In this site we explore the various aspects of contacting higher levels of consciousness and the Wisdom to be found therein.

What is the purpose in seeking to contact these higher levels ?

This can be described quite simply – we contend that in higher levels of consciousness - what we call the Wisdom - is available wise guidance that can be used in one's everyday personal life and in providing service in the world.

As with everything involved in spirituality and higher levels of consciousness, the concepts are essentially simple - but complex when studied in detail. We are confronted with the problem of how to present these complex ideas in a relatively simple form.

We also have the fundamental problem that we are exploring higher levels of consciousness – levels that can only be understood personally and subjectively, and are not open to detached, objective observation.

This being so, any description of this levels must be personal, and each individual has to develop their own way of understanding and accessing the available wisdom.

You may feel that you are not in tune with our particular approach , but hopefully it may give you an indication of how you might develop your own process and method of accessing this invaluable resource.

We explore our subject in the following pages:

Levels - of Consciousness and Awareness 

Level 3 - Reaching the first stage of higher levels of consciousness

Place - finding a personal 'Safe Place'

Hall - the Hall of many new doors  - a useful device for accessing individual guidance

Being who or what do we contact at these higher levels ?

Guidance - Working with, and listening to the guidance received, recording it, and keep it in mind.

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